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Before reading the full features of the software, please; always keep in mind PHPSi (All-in-One)

PHPSi (All-in-One) First Tools Set Features Summary

The Software's first batch of tools are known as WPDesktop (All-in-One), these tools already have over five years of success, used by many thousands and satisfied customers all over the world and now we expanded with more features in PHPSi (All-in-One)

Click here to learn more about Desktop WordPress Mass Blogs Installer, Cloner, Manager, Article Creator and Publisher

PHPSi (All-in-One) Second Tools Set Features Summary

Click here to learn more about Desktop Joomla! Mass Installer, Cloner and Manager

PHPSi (All-in-One) Third Tools Set Features Summary

Quick PHP Scripts Mass Installer and Cloner - This Tool is going to have regular updates and we are going to add more and more PHP Scripts.

Click here to learn more about Desktop Drupal Mass Installer, Cloner and Manager

PHPSi (All-in-One) Fourth Tools Set Features Summary

Free PHP Scripts Mass Installer - Use this Tool to Install included Free and Paid PHP Scripts without Purchasing PHPSi (All-in-One).

PHPSi (All-in-One) Fifth Tools Set Features Summary

This area of the software has very helpful Bonus Web Tools and Utilities

PHPSi (All-in-One) vs. the Competition

There are many PHP/ASP.NET based WordPress, Joomla, Drupal Installer/Manager/Cloner Web Scripts and Per Month Services out there, but here are the facts you need to keep in mind before making your final decision:

- Their product always requires so many configurations, tweaks, optimizations and extra PHP modules putting an extra load on your server per connection, even a few required one or more extra decryption PHP module like ionCube/Zend Guard Loader/Zend Optimizer/SourceGuardian etc. on the server side to just run for the first time so you can just set up their product.

- Then you need to upload all the files, folders and permissions/settings, manual database creation as well as configuration and installation of their product.

- If you have multiple cPanel web hosting accounts or Servers then you need to have dedicated IP address and so many Servers Firewall Inbound and Outbound Rules needed to allow for PHP and for their Script/Joomla! Plugin so it can connect to Remote Server etc. and many Web Hosts do not allow these kind of functions and no extra load on the server at all.

- This is not all, whenever there is an Operating System or PHP or MySQL version update, their Web Script or Plugin will break and you will have to wait a long time for the bug to be fixed then again testing and painful attention etc. over and over again and every time so you can't focus on other things easily.

- You always need to put extra effort every time with their product and server side etc. to create or update just ONE PHP Script or Website.

- All these PHP scripts and Joomla! plugins are resource-hungry on your Server and your Computer, you always need to have 64MB free RAM for Web Server (Apache) and at least 128MB free RAM for PHP on your server and 215MB to 1GB RAM for your PC Browser to just process single WordPress Blog, Joomla! or Drupal installation or update every time.

- If you use Joomla! Plugin to Install or Update any PHP Script, keep in mind these plugins put extra load on your server for processing etc.

- Most importantly they leave footprints, on your server to work, they need to customize PHP Script (WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal etc.) files to process the installation/updates etc. which leaves you with too many security holes.

We have no doubt that, as an educated consumer, you have researched several companies or plan to do so before making your selection. We encourage you to see what else is out there, and to help you in that process, here are some important ways in which our software differs from its competitors.

How is PHPSi (All-in-One) different?

- With our software all you need to do is to, download to your computer, extract/unzip to a folder and RUN

- Works with just basic server setup

- You don't need dedicated IP address and firewall settings on any server.

- Supports unlimited multiple hosting accounts and the servers at the same time.

- If you don't have cPanel based web hosting then you can Install via FTP method which support every Unix/Linux web hosting.

- Only 32-64MB Free RAM is required for your Computer, same for the Server because our software will use your PC's Resources and only uses a single connection to the server so it won't put an extra load on the server while processing etc.

- Protect Your Sites > Our software always uses PHP Scripts built-in files/functions and directly communicates with the server (cPanel, FTP, WordPress.ORG, Joomla.ORG, Drupal.ORG) etc.

If there is any error in the comparison above, please notify us so we can make changes.

Testimonials From Our Clients..

Walt Bayliss, Instant Blog Subscribers

"Being on disability, this was a godsend. Thanks!"
- Jose G., San Jacinto, California

"I just want to say thanks! Your program was worth every cent. It was an investment because I was able to make it back my first day"
- Jill C., Salt Lake City, Utah

"I finally found the perfect work for my lifestyle! Your product was easy to use. Highly recommended!"
- Wendy M., Ouray, Colorado

"This Is A Must Have! Congratulations to the good folks at for creating this fabulous tool. For anyone serious about Internet Marketing, this is a must have.
- Joel H


WordPress Mass Blog Installer and Cloner - Tool #1 alone is over $500 AND

Joomla! Installer and Cloner - Tool #2 alone is over $500 AND

Drupal Installer and Cloner - Tool #3 alone is over $500 AND

Multiple WordPress Blogs Manager - Tools #4 is over $250 AND

Article Publisher - Tool #6 is over $150

Article Creator - Tools #5 is over $100 AND

But offering it at $2000 would make it expensive for many folks who are working really hard out there to make their business happen. And since one of the great benefits of using a sub-domain, is saving the money of buying multiple domains and using subs instead - PHPSi (All-in-One) can pay for itself in a very short time just in few new domain fees.

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